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Sunday, 22 June 2014

A boys Night out

A Boys night out

On Thursday night the wife had a work function., so my mate and i decided to have a night out.
First we decided to go to the city to get some whisky. We went to the  Whiskey & Alement. It had a huge selection of whiskeys, wines and beers. Becaue we are part of the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society, we get discounts on some of the whiskeys. 

 I had a Bowmore Cigar whisky and all i could taste was honey. It was so sweet. I am not used it that sort of sweetness. But it is always good to try something else/
After whiskey we went to the Nasi Lemak House. I had the Nasi Lemak and it was ok,

After dinner we went and had a cocktail at the

It was really hard so the pictures didn't turn out well. But only so much you can do with the lighting
Its was a nice chilled out night. Need to do it more often.

Thanks again
Kind regards

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Seven Seeds, St Ali, Admiral Cheng Ho

Since I got this DSLR, I am enjoying taking photo's a lot more. I am not used to having to focus on pictures or using different options and I am becoming a lot more passionate about photography. Anyway enough about me being a "photographer" ( I use the term very loosely) and onto our busy weekend. I started doing this post on Monday but it is now Thursday, pretty slack i know.  Like every weekend we go out for lunch and we have been to Seven Seeds before but everything seems more exciting with a better camera.

Kim had the Ethopian pour over, it was light and fruity so we bought a bag for home

  I had a double ristretto as we had no coffee at home. I needed plenty of coffee so it was going to be a coffee crawl.

I had the black pudding with baked eggs. It was a bit spicy but really tasty. Not what i expected.

Kim had the field mushrooms with poached eggs on bread.

St Ali on UrbanspoonSunday we went to buy a Pour over from St Ali, more Coffee as always

Admiral Cheng-Ho on UrbanspoonIt is always super busy, one day we will actually eat there. After St Ali it was time for lunch.

As always more coffee. I don't remember what i had it wasn't great. But the food was amazing

I had some African Mung Bean Combo thing, my friend had the Avo on toast,  the only other thing i remember is pumpkin soup.

It was a busy, coffee drinking weekend. I need to learn more about photoshop.
Thanks Again
Dale Stewart

Friday, 13 June 2014

The Local Taphouse

The Local Taphouse on UrbanspoonThe Local Taphouse

Last night we went out for dinner to The Local Taphouse. Its a small old school pub, beer bottles lining the walls. A typical kitschy type of place we go to. The staff are friendly, quick service and always lovely to go here.

When you walk up the stairs on the left is the bar with an awesome selection of beers.

Whats the point going to a pub if you don't have beer?

 Our Friend had the Haanbakk Oak aged Ale

I had the beer paddle which is 5 different beers (90ml) each but still fun to do.
You start from the left (lightest beer) and drink to the left (darkest beer).

I started with the Mclaren Vale Indian Pale Ale from South Australia, very light and fruity with slight bitterness after taste.

Next was the Doghouse Indian Pale Ale from New South Wales, quiet hoppy with a bit of bitterness, but still great.

I had the Jerome Lambic next from Illawarra Brewing Co, New South Wales, it had a  red wine taste to it, but was also slightly sour. 

Madamin is from Loverbeer Italy, tasted like cherries but not as heavy as the next beer.

Last was Boon Kriek  from Brouweri in Belguim which was another Lambic .It was like drinking cherries. It had a very strong flavour.

We had Cream Korokke with apple sauce, with chips and mayonnaise.
The korokke was very crispy with the creamy center and just went so well with apple sauce. You can never go wrong with chips can you?

I had the 3 beer burger, it was really juicy and tasty

Kim Had the Beef Green Curry, it had some chilliness to it. But was still lovely.

After all that we ordered desert..Why it sounded amazing
Bread and butter pudding with a toffee sauce

 It is definitely a place to try for good food and burgers.

Kind regards
Dale Stewart